American Ballet Theatre was started in 1937 by Mikhail Mordkin as A.B.T. It was intended to be a “gallery of dance” and “the collection and display of masterpieces of all times, places and creators,” rather than the vision of a single choreographer. The new little company was a hit in New York in its inaugural season in 1940. The dance company promised its first run to be the longest season that New York had ever seen, with the most choreographers and the largest cast. There were so many impressive claims made, that The New York Times refused to run it until its dance critic could confirm the rumours. The company presented eighteen ballets. The opening night bill featured works by Mordkin and Eugene Loring, along with Fokine’s own restaging of Les Sylphides, which remained a company staple for forty years and was recently restored.

The second night they danced Giselle, but full length ballets weren’t supposed to be the mainstay of A.B.T’s repertory. They focused more on great one-act ballets. Antony Tudor, Balanchine, Agnes de Mille, Jerome Robbins and later Eliot Feld all created important one-act works for the company. More information about Payday Loan, anything goes theatre tickets, andrea bocelli tickets you can visit the site by follow the link.


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